Our Philosophy

We stand by our products. We only use ingredients meant for human consumption and
We always make minimal ingredient treats so you know exactly what you are giving to your pets.
We promise to be transparent and always prioritize your pet’s well-being.
  • Natural Ingredients

    We only use natural ingredients meant for human consumption
  • Preservative Free

    No preservative are added to any of our products
  • Grain Free

    Our products are grain free
  • Proudly Canadian

    We are proudly Canadian. Based in Vancouver BC
  • Giving Back

    We donate a portion of our sales to Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind.
  • Support Local

    We support local communities of the Greater Vancouver Area

Our Products

Made with minimal and human grade ingredients, always focusing on your dog’s health and well-being.

Low Sodium Dried Anchovy Treats for dogs and Cats

Low Sodium Anchovy Treats for dogs and cats Front zoom
  • Low Sodium

    Earth Paws' low sodium Dried Anchovy Treats for dogs and cats are the ONLY sodium extracted dried anchovy treats in Canada!
  • Low Calorie

    Anchovies are a super low-calorie treat (4.8 calories per 1.5-gram fish), and you can easily snap them into smaller pieces.
  • Omega 3 and 6

    Anchovies are also full of protein, calcium and vitamins. They have anti-inflammatory properties, are great for skin, coat, and brain function.

Sweet Potato Dental Chew for dogs

sweet potato
  • 100% Natural

    Made with 100% natural ingredients from North America that were approved for human consumption
  • Helps prevent Plaque and Tartar

    These hard chews are softer than your dog's teeth to prevent dental damage that frequently occurs with bone and antler. It is an ideal chew treat to prevent the build up of plaque and tartar.
  • High Fiber Content

    The fiber content normalizes bowel movements, maintains bowel health, lowers cholesterol levels and controls blood sugar levels.

Julia Falcos Hamilton Dog Owner

Purchased Sweet Potato Dental Treats for my 2 dogs at Ladner Market. They both loved them. I highly recommend if your looking for a natural treat to keep your dogs busy.

Shelley Marlyk Graham Dog Owner

My dog is very selective with his treats and he absolutely loves these! The anchovies are fantastic to break into smaller pieces for training and they don’t leave a bunch of messy crumbs.

Ellen Patterson Fisher Dog Owner

My dogs love both Earthpaws products. I brought some back to Calgary with me from BC a few weeks ago and then ordered more as the aren't available here yet. The dogs love them and I love that they are all natural. Hope i can get them here soon.


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