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Common Dog Health Issues and how to avoid them

Dogs may seem energetic, active and lively at all times; however, that is not always the case. Even the faithful furry friend can develop health issues and whatnot. As such, they depend on us to provide them with good care and to keep them healthy. Therefore it is essential that we keep ourselves aware of common dog health issues and take steps to prevent them from happening. Below are some common dog health issues and how to avoid them.


Ear Infections

Ear infections are a very common health issue in dogs, and these infections are caused not by a single factor, but there are multiple factors.  Some of the most common causes are due to allergies, ear mites, the presence of yeast, bacterial infection, excessive hair growth, etc. The symptoms to watch out for in your dog are excessive head shaking, swelling of the ears, ear odor, excessive scratching of the ear, discharge of liquid or debris from the ear, etc. Ear infections if left untreated can lead to more serious complications. As such, the most effective way to avoid ear infections is by giving regular dog baths, grooming him daily and checking his ears at regular intervals.


Skin Diseases

Skin diseases and issues are a common sight among dogs, and a high percentage of dogs often experience some skin diseases or issues in their lifetime. Skin diseases are often caused by many factors with some of the most common causes being Fleas, ticks, bacterial or yeast infection, allergies, etc. The common symptoms of dogs suffering from skin diseases are excessive scratching, biting and licking of the skin, inflamed swollen red spots on the skin, bald patches or hair loss, flaking of skin, the presence of flea dirt, etc. If these symptoms are observed in your dog, then it is best advised to contact a veterinarian. The measures which you can take to avoid skin diseases include, bathing them regularly, brushing and grooming their coat daily, applying anti-flea powders to the coat once a while and ensuring that your dog's sleeping area is kept clean.


Worm infestations

As gross as it might sound, worm infestations are nothing new when it comes to dogs. There are many types of parasitical worms which can infest a dog's body, and the most common worms are tapeworms. Hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms. These worms get into your dog's system in the form of larvae and subsequently grow in size inside the dog's intestines. Some of the symptoms of a worm infestation are Diarrhea, drastic weight loss, vomiting, poor appetite, and an overall weak appearance. The most effective way to diagnose and treat a worm infestation is by taking the pet to a vet clinic and taking the prescribed medication. So how does one avoid Worm Infestations? Some steps which can be taken to avoid worm infestations are serving fresh meals to your dog from a reliable pet food manufacturer, ensuring that your dog does not wander off alone outside, regularly bathing your dog and using anti parasitic medication prescribed by your veterinarian.



Obesity is another health issue that is becoming very popular among dogs. Obesity might not sound like a serious health issue, but it leads to other serious health issues which include diabetes, bone, and joint problems, heart problems, breathing problems, etc. These diseases can certainly affect the overall well-being of your dog and cause serious health issues. Obesity is often caused due to poor eating habits coupled with a sedentary and lethargic lifestyle. The symptoms of obesity include being overweight, slow mobility, shortness of breath, etc. However Treating and preventing obesity is relatively simple and it includes eating a controlled, healthy and balanced diet, engaging in regular exercises such as taking walks, playing games, etc.

The above are some of the most common health issues which are seen in dogs. Though they may be common in occurrence, they bring with them very serious risks. As such, adequate steps and preventive measures should be taken to avoid them at all costs.

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