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Dogs Understand: 10 Things Your Dog Knows About You

More often than not you might get the feeling that your dog knows what's going on with you. It is during times like this that one starts to question our understanding about these loyal and faithful furry friends. Your dog knows a lot about you, and this can be attributed to its powerful sense of smell and their unique ability to form a deep bond and connection with us.  As such, dogs have the ability to understand their human companions and we will tell you X Things your Dog knows about you below.


  1. Your Dog can sense your Fear: When we are frightened we secrete a hormone called adrenaline. Since dogs possess a potent sense of smell, they can pick up the smell of adrenaline from our body, and tend to become nervous and defensive.
  2. Your Dog knows your mood: Dogs can know what mood you are in because they have the unique ability of reading and understanding a human's body language. These include your facial expressions as well as your body language, and as such, they react accordingly to the mood you are in, to understand you.
  3. Your Dog knows when you are sick: Dogs can also know when you are sick, or if you are going to get sick. This is attributed to its powerful sense of smell, and as such, they can pick up irregularities in your body's chemical signature and might start behaving weirdly around you or start sniffing you excessively.
  4. Your Dog can sense a pregnancy: Another unique thing about your furry best friend is that it can sense an oncoming pregnancy or detect a pregnancy. This is because dogs can detect hormonal imbalances and changes that take place in a mother. As such they might become overprotective of the expecting mother and the unborn baby. This overprotective nature even follows after the birth of the baby.
  5. Your Dog knows the difference between Love and Hate: Your Dog can know whether you like or despise a person based on the oxytocin levels in your body. More oxytocin is released when you tend to like a person, and it decreases drastically if you dislike someone. As such your dog can know whether you love or hate a person.
  6. Your Dog knows where you have been: Though this may not be of much help, your dog knows the places you have been to before you arrived home. This is attributed once again to its super-powerful sense of smell, which can distinguish millions of types of smells.
  7. Your Dog Knows your Intentions: Yes your Dog knows what your intentions are. It knows your next move, and this is because your dog understands your body language pretty well. Based on your movements it can tell whether you are going out somewhere, when you are taking him out for a walk, when you are going to feed him etc.
  8. Your Dog knows when you are Angry towards them: Before you start scolding your furry best friend for something, it already knows that you are angry. This is because they can pick up the slightest change in your body language which includes your facial expression, your posture, your tone of voice, etc.  As a result, they show signs of guilt by tucking their tails between their legs, bending their ears, stooping low, etc.
  9. Your Dog can detect certain forms of Cancer: Studies have shown that Dogs with the proper form of training can detect certain types of cancer. They do so with their sense of smell by detecting changes in the chemical composition. Dogs have been found to detect skin cancer by smelling skin lesions and prostate cancer by smelling urine.
  10. Your Dog knows when you are coming home: Your Dog most certainly knows when you are coming back home. This is because they can learn your schedule over time, get familiar with the path you take, and also recognize the sound of your car which is just amazing.

These ten things show that your dog is more than a pet, and is indeed an understanding buddy who knows a lot about you than you might think.


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